Stimulation Simulation

A Digital Replication of the seizure experience

Entitled 'Meta-', The Bachelor of Digital Media program at the Gold Coast Queensland College of Art presents this exhibition of 13 graduating 3rd year and Honours students whose works explore the potential for self-empowerment, exploring a range of issues such as the body, identity and body politics.

Dr Laini Burton, Lecturer and Convenor of Studio Art, Fashion Design and Art Theory at the Queensland College of Art has guided the students through their studies.

“Invariably these artists are searching for aspects of selfhood and self-realisation, through histories or bloodlines, through materials or present day positions,” said Dr Burton.

In the Meta- catalogue essay, she writes:

"Jack Packshaw's work provides an intentionally disorientating experience for the viewer. Stemming from first hand experience of epilepsy, Packshaw takes the viewer on a journey designed to replicate the zone of consciousness just before a seizure. His self-composed, synthesized soundtracks and purpose-built sound booth take the viewer to an altogether different zone of consciousness. In doing so, he invites you to step inside and share in what is a powerful and life-altering condition. For the not so brave, Packshaw creates a vicarious experience through his film work that can be viewed from the reassuring distance of a screen. Pursuing an empathic understanding of this neurological disorder, Packshaw raises awareness in an audience who may never other have an experience of such an event."

Jack Packshaw's artwork titled 'Separated' was a pre-evolved version of 'Stimulation Simulation'. 

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