Stimulation Simulation

A Digital Replication of the seizure experience

Jack Packshaw is an inter-disciplinarian who’s artist practice spans across a broad spectrum of mediums from illustration and digital drawing, to sound installation and video art. Packshaw’s practice lies very much in the digital realm, with most of his artwork created via technological means. His artwork concepts surround epilepsy and as an epileptic himself, he has first-hand experience with these issues and embraces the disorder in his art. Packshaw always strives to spread awareness of epilepsy and educate the audience on the subject in his art. 

Packshaw's most recent project 'Stimulation Simulation' finds him reinventing himself from a 'Conceptual Artist' to an 'Experience Re-creator'. He's beginning to challenge his skill-set and  delve deeper into new forms of creation. Packshaw sees himself expanding slowly from the art industry into potential other industries, such as I.T and medical. He's begun reaching out and networking with professionals from all these three industries and evolving his practice and methods at the same time.

Originally from Byron Bay, Australia, Jack Packshaw moved to the Gold Coast to study at Griffith University in 2011. He began his journey as a Queensland College of Art student in 2012 and graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media in 2014, majoring in Studio/Fine Art. In 2015, he returned to Griffith University and completed his Honours in Digital Media and received a Class One ranking. Moving back to his hometown of Byron Bay in 2016, he has evolved as a creative practitioner and inter-disciplinarian since beginning university in 2011 and has gained much experience since then.