Stimulation Simulation

A Digital Replication of the seizure experience

In 2014 a book was left outside of the installation offering the opportunity for the audience to write down their experience with the artwork. The Experience Book is filled with an amazing spectrum of individual interpretations of the work and really displays the type of consciousness manipulation the project sets out to induce. 

Some experiences include:

"It touches the deep dark unknown"

"I felt trapped & claustrophobic... in a symphony of chaos"

"Interesting experience, I enjoyed where my imagination took me"

"Felt a sense of weightlessness"

"A total sense of isolation from the world"

"I felt as though I was stranded on another planet"

"Weird, very dark, and scary monsters inside"

"I felt like I was in a void"

"It felt like I was in a cocoon having an out of body experience going through the stages to being a butterfly"

"I felt in love"